Free Product Samples

Distributing free product samples is an important tool in sales promotion. An actual or trial-sized product is distributed to the consumers in order to provide them an opportunity to experience the product where they would not otherwise get to try it unless they bought it on their own.

Free samples are usually distributed during a new product launch or when the company wants to capture increased market share for the product. Samples can be distributed using direct mail, coupons in newspapers and magazines, door-to-door delivery, in-pack sampling, the Internet and in-store sampling.

In direct mail sampling, free sample products are directly mailed to homes that are targeted based on geo-demographic characteristics. Newspapers can be used for broad-scale sampling. Door-to-door free product sample delivery saves costs like packaging costs that are incurred when direct mailing is used. It allows considerable targeting and has shorter lead times. In-pack sampling uses the package of some other product to carry the free sample product. Some of the product samples are distributed in high traffic locations like theatres, and shopping malls. In-store shopping is the most frequently used method for distributing free samples. Usually, consumers in a retail shop or a grocery store are provided with free product samples for a trial experience. This free sampling often also leads to increased impulse purchases. Several companies also allow consumers to request free samples using their websites.

Usually companies have limited stocks to be distributed as free samples and consumers who would like to request free samples using coupons or the Internet should send in a request as early as possible.

Product samples are distributed when the desired impact cannot be produced by advertising alone and the cost of distributing samples is reasonable. There are many challenges faced by the product companies, mostly concerning free samples center around a return on their investment and the proper choice of target customers.

Event Organisers for Product Launches

When launching a much anticipated new product or line, the secret to success is matching the hype generated in the months leading up to the event itself. There’s nothing worse than underwhelming guests, the press and by proxy, potential customers with a badly organised event which renders the product release a distinct anticlimax. Fortunately for London businesses, the capital plays host to some of the countries’ premium event organisers, which means they’re uniquely placed to facilitate a launch party befitting the standard of product for which it is planned. If you have an effective, well branded product – don’t fall at the final hurdle.

Instead get in touch with a proven specialist to see how they can work creatively with you to formulate a product launch that will generate lucrative exposure and remain in the public consciousness for months to come. Some businesses underestimate the importance of a product launch, but bear in mind that yours will be the first time your treasured product sees the light of day. It will be scrutinised extensively by all present, and we all know how important first impressions are.

If you’ve poured your heart and soul into developing something the value of which you sincerely believe in then it can be a massive blow to see the launch descend into farce. Timing, atmosphere and strategy are all integral parts of an event of this kind, and sadly amateur planners simply don’t understand and/or cannot control the intricacies of each.

However, experts do exist with experience, and they plan with devotion. They believe that the first step towards a stunning product launch involves extensive consultation with you. In order to tailor a sophisticated and effective unveiling they have to know, understand and believe in your product themselves. That’s why they pay almost obsessive attention to every tiny detail and aspect of your brief before suggesting venues, colour schemes, lighting, music, catering and entertainment specifications designed to thrill and enthrall those present.

Wading through all these considerations yourself can be extremely daunting. By enlisting the help of a specialist, you’re appropriating their industry contacts, meaning that you’ll probably receive a better deal on things like venues or catering than you would if you went to the chosen company direct.

A common mistake of amateur event organisers is overlooking an opportunity to refine the product’s brand in the eyes of those in attendance. For example, better planners can even design bespoke invitations to ensure that you’re represented properly from the very beginning. For more information begin the process online, by filling out a planner’s enquiry form.

New Generation of Legal Happy Diet Pills Launched

The amazing diet pill, Phentermine, was possibly the best selling slimming products in the era of 2002 to 2006. It is estimated that there were well over a million loyal supporters to this amazing fat burner. Phentermine was known as being one of the happy diet pills that gave you a sense of feeling good about yourself and boosted energy levels.

The DEA closed many of the outlets that were selling the amphetamine based Phentermine, resulting in many loyal users being left in the cold and feeling down in the dumps due to the unavailability of their favorite happy pill. Things were looking bleak for these dieters. One of the reasons that the DEA clamped down on phentermine is that while phentermine was a great weight loss pill, it did have some nasty side effects of which many users were oblivious to.

A similar thing happened to loyal users of the popular fat burner diet pill, Thinz. The main ingredient in the Thinz Diet pill was also one of the main ingredients used to manufacture the horror drug CAT. Authorities were left with no option but to make this a prescription only medication in order to control the manufacture of the illegal and highly dangerous CAT. This also left many dieters in a depression due to the unavailability of their favorite diet supplement.

RDK Pharmaceuticals took it upon themselves to try and find a solution to the dieters woes, by carefully studying the sister compounds of the main ingredients of Phentermine. They made some tremendous discoveries and in February 2009 RDK Pharmaceuticals launched what can be described as being the new generation of happy pills Phentemine375 or as it is abbreviated Phen375 which is a synthetic legal alternative to Phentermine.

Phen375 is the new generation happy diet pill which is already taking the market by storm with some pretty amazing sales and testimonials. Phentemine 375 is a fat burning diet pill which is available without a doctors prescription. Phentemine 375 has only been on the market since since February 2009 and it is yet to be seen whether it will build up the same loyal support and customer base as was experienced with both the Phentermine range and with Thinz Diet Pills.