Global Verge Launch – Is Global Verge Worthy of All the Hype?

There is a new company called Global Verge and it has designs on creating a revolution within the cell phone industry. Their business model and methodology is to offer better pricing and better products then their competitors. The following article is a review on the legitimacy of the Global Verge opportunity to earn a solid income within the home based business industry.

A legitimate home based business opportunity, such as Global Verge, must fulfill several factors to be recognized as a true player in the industry. Failure to meet these factors head on and Global Verge will be a thing of the past very very quickly. This review should clarify and high light any challenges that may lie ahead.

The first factor we address is, does Global Verge have a product the market place wants? Consider the world of technology is extremely dynamic and always changing, they are coming to market with a new and unique product. There is already significant interest in their new product and the capabilities of both features and benefits it has over their competitors is turning heads. In terms of a high demand product, tin my view, they have addressed the first factor.

Factor number two: Does Global Verge have the leadership to carry them through the rough uncharted waters of the home based industry. I’m not just addressing the people within the hierarchy of the organizational structure, but also the ground troops to make this company grow at the grass roots.

The hype around the launch of this innovative technology and the young billionaire entrepreneur piloting this company has drawn the attention of some industry leaders. This is a key element in getting off to a fast start for this or any new company in the beginning. When the big players, the people who have already accomplished a lot look at this and become excited, then factor number two has been achieved and delivered on.

Factor number 3 comes down to the growth Global Verge can experience with new and fresh individuals who come into the home based business industry. The key component to success here is delivering to the new recruits the proper training in marketing required to succeed in such a lucrative industry. The role of the new entrepreneur is to realize they are working for themselves, that they are the company and Global Verge (or any opportunity) is just one leg of their overall business. Here is where many people will fail without the proper coaching and mentoring to market themselves or their business.

New entrepreneurs who seek out marketing knowledge will rise above the average Global Verge distributor and create some major success for themselves, their organization and the company itself. Check out the resource box below for additional information about home based business marketing.

Free Product Samples

Distributing free product samples is an important tool in sales promotion. An actual or trial-sized product is distributed to the consumers in order to provide them an opportunity to experience the product where they would not otherwise get to try it unless they bought it on their own.

Free samples are usually distributed during a new product launch or when the company wants to capture increased market share for the product. Samples can be distributed using direct mail, coupons in newspapers and magazines, door-to-door delivery, in-pack sampling, the Internet and in-store sampling.

In direct mail sampling, free sample products are directly mailed to homes that are targeted based on geo-demographic characteristics. Newspapers can be used for broad-scale sampling. Door-to-door free product sample delivery saves costs like packaging costs that are incurred when direct mailing is used. It allows considerable targeting and has shorter lead times. In-pack sampling uses the package of some other product to carry the free sample product. Some of the product samples are distributed in high traffic locations like theatres, and shopping malls. In-store shopping is the most frequently used method for distributing free samples. Usually, consumers in a retail shop or a grocery store are provided with free product samples for a trial experience. This free sampling often also leads to increased impulse purchases. Several companies also allow consumers to request free samples using their websites.

Usually companies have limited stocks to be distributed as free samples and consumers who would like to request free samples using coupons or the Internet should send in a request as early as possible.

Product samples are distributed when the desired impact cannot be produced by advertising alone and the cost of distributing samples is reasonable. There are many challenges faced by the product companies, mostly concerning free samples center around a return on their investment and the proper choice of target customers.

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